Image Resizer

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What is Image Resizer?

Image Resizer is an online tool used to adjust the size or dimensions of an image without compromising its quality.

How to Use Image Resizer?

  • Upload the image you want to resize.
  • Enter desired width and height for the image.
  • Select Resize Mode.
  • Click on ‘Save as JPEG’.
  • Choose the image quality.
  • Download the resized image.

Benefits of Using Image Resizer

  • Saves time: With an Image Resizer tool, you can quickly resize your images without having to use complex image editing software.

  • Easy to use: Image Resizer tool is user-friendly and do not require any technical skills to operate.

  • Saves space: Resizing images helps to reduce your file size, making it easier to store and share them.

  • Maintains image quality: With an Image Resizer tool, you can resize your images without compromising quality.

  • Image distortion: When images are resized, they can become distorted or pixelated, especially if they are enlarged beyond their original size.

  • Loss of details: Resizing images can result in a loss of details, especially if they are reduced in size.

  • Limited editing features: Image Resizer tool have limited editing features and cannot perform advanced image editing tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between resizing and compressing an image?

Resizing an image changes its dimensions (width and height), while compressing an image reduces the file size of an image by removing unnecessary data or details in the image.

What is the best image file format for resizing images?

The best file format for resizing images is a lossless format such as PNG or TIFF, as it does not compromise the image quality. JPEG is also a good option, but it is a lossy format that reduces image quality when the image is compressed.

Does resizing an image affect its quality?

Resizing an image can affect its quality if it is done improperly. Resizing an image larger than its original size can result in pixelation and loss of image quality. However, resizing an image smaller than its original size typically does not affect its quality.

Can I use an image resizer for free?

Yes,our Image resizer tool can be used to resize images without any cost.